VIA processor-powered Android tablets for $100 later this year

VIA processor-powered Android tablets for $100 later this year

GiiNii Android Tablet Photo:
GiiNii Android Tablet Photo: GottaBeMobile

Are you digging the portable functionality of the Apple iPad, but having a hard time justifying the $500 entry price point? Look no further than VIA of Taiwan, because the semiconductor firm is outfitting several Android tablets with its inexpensive processors.  As you may recall, VIA tried to compete against the Intel Atom platform when it came to the netbook market. For the most part, it wasn’t able to capture as much attention as the company may have hoped. Well, now they see another opportunity in the iPad-esque tablet market.

According to VIA, its processors will soon be appearing in a number of different Android Froyo 2.2 tablets that are being destined for the US market. They’re set to ship later this year and the pricing will range from $100 to $150, making them even less expensive than many MP3 players.

Richard Brown is the marketing head at VIA and he’s saying that VIA’s Chinese manufacturing partners will be shipping around five different tablets under their respective brand names. There is the regular warning of “you get what you pay for,” but at just $100, it almost sounds like it’s worth a VIA gamble.