Unreleased Motorola Shadow ‘leaked’ at local gym

Unreleased Motorola Shadow ‘leaked’ at local gym

Verizon Motorola Shadow lost at a gym. Photo: CrunchGear
Verizon Motorola Shadow lost at a gym. Photo: MobileCrunch

What’s with these technology employees and their knack for losing unreleased gadgetry in the most random of places? Following in the stumbling footsteps of an inebriated Apple engineer, it seems that a Verizon guy accidentally left his Motorola Shadow behind at the gym.

As I’m sure you remember, an Apple employee accidentally lost his iPhone 4G/HD at a bar in Palo Alto and this leaked device found its way onto one of the web’s most popular tech blogs. Steve Jobs frowned and Apple was upset.

This time around, it’s a Verizon employee working out at the company’s corporate gym in Washington and he brought along the unreleased Motorola Shadow to stay in touch and to keep the tunes popping. After he finished his reps and burned out on the treadmill, he left the phone behind.

Another employee spots the Motorola Shadow, unlocks it, and spots a text that confirms this phone is indeed unreleased. He takes a picture of the phone and sends it to Gizmodo, though there’s no mention whether he asked for $5,000 to ship the phone to Jason Chen again. Instead, he called the “legitimate” owner of the phone and gave it back.

Before he did, however, he was able to confirm the Snapdragon processor, 4.3-inch touchscreen, 8MP camera, and 16GB internal memory. Thanks for being a good Samaritan all around, anonymous Verizon dude. I can hear you now.