Jeff Bezos: No color Amazon Kindle for you

Jeff Bezos: No color Amazon Kindle for you

No color Kindle anytime soon.
No color Kindle anytime soon. Photo: Gizmodo

It’s probably not completely fair to compare Amazon’s Jeff Bezos with the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, but he is withholding something from us that we may have otherwise desired. According to the Amazon head honcho himself, we should not be expecting a color version of the Kindle any time soon.

The guys at Amazon on working on something, but a color Kindle is “still some ways out,” according to Bezos. That’s too bad, because I’m sure the launch of the Apple iPad has done nothing but harm sales numbers on the Kindle.

People like color. People like the faster refresh rates. People enjoy the all day battery life. Of the three, the Kindle can only offer the last one. Yes, I know that a regular LCD and an e-ink display are different beasts altogether, but the marketplace has spoken.

So, what is Amazon doing to fight back? There are signs that they are “beefing up” the Kindle team and we should probably expect some sort of update at some point, but that’s about it. If color is “some ways out,” what could the next Kindle bring to the e-book reading desk?