FTC approves AdMob sale to Google

FTC approves AdMob sale to Google


It’s becoming increasingly clear. Google is the new Microsoft. It’s going around acquiring new companies left and right, dominating everything that we do on our computers. The latest acquisition is that of AdMob and this sale has now been officially giving the go-ahead by the FTC.

So, what does this AdMob-Google partnership really mean? Well, they’re saying that this will help to “move mobile advertising forward” as they “develop new products and services for our advertisers, developers, and publishers.”

Mobile advertising can result in some big bucks all around… if it’s implemented properly. Many people choose to surf the Internet on their iPhones, BlackBerries, and other smartphones, so it makes sense that Google really wants to capitalize on this emerging market.

The news of the acquisition didn’t exactly come out of left field. The deal between AdMob and Google was announced way back in November, but it has taken this long for the FTC to approve it. In that time, the AdMob team has launched 15 new products and updated 11 more.