Project Emerald = HTC + T-Mobile + Sidekick + Android?

Project Emerald = HTC + T-Mobile + Sidekick + Android?


This rumor just gets juicier and juicier by the moment. We’ve started to hear a few rumblings about a so-called “Project Emerald” and with T-Mobile soon to be equipped with quite the attractive new handset.  Ever since Microsoft acquired Danger, we assumed that the Sidekick line at T-Mobile was dead. Apparently not. In fact, it seems that Project Emerald could be intimately intertwined with the old popular moniker.

Based on the latest rumors, Project Emerald will resurrect the Sidekick line or, at the very least, become its official successor at T-Mobile. After all, the Microsoft Kin doesn’t look like it’s coming to T-Mo any time soon.  But wait. There’s more. The yet unnamed Sidekick-esque device could be manufactured by HTC and powered by Google Android 2.1. We’re also hearing about a Snapdragon processor, front-facing camera, 16GB storage, and 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display.

One source is saying that the new phone will be called a Sidekick Twist, but your guess is as good as ours as to whether this is related to Project Emerald.