Going ablaze with Android-powered HTC Wildfire smartphone

Going ablaze with Android-powered HTC Wildfire smartphone

HTC Wildfire
HTC Wildfire burns up the Android roster

It looks like HTC is continuing with its old bag of tricks. Just as the company released several seemingly similar Windows Mobile smartphones for a number of years, it’s doing the same with the Android platform too. The latest addition is the HTC Wildfire.

At first glance, you could very easily mistake the HTC Wildfire for a number of other touchscreen-focused Android phones from the Taiwanese manufacturer. There really isn’t all that much that separates this phone from the pack, aside from its less than top-tier specifications.

You won’t find the speedy Snapdragon processor here. Instead, the Wildfire gets equipped with a 525MHz Qualcomm MS7225 processor. The resolution on the 3.2-inch touchscreen, at just QVGA 320×240, leaves much to be desired too. On the bright side, you get the newer Android 2.1 build for your operating system and the five-megapixel autofocus camera should work well in a pinch. The phone is competent, to be sure, but it’s far from being at the top of the heap.