Mobilicity launches in Toronto tomorrow with $15 ‘unlimited’ plan

Mobilicity launches in Toronto tomorrow with $15 ‘unlimited’ plan


The Canadian wireless industry is about to gain another major competitor. Wind Mobile is already making waves, but it seems like Mobilicity is undercutting even those cheaper rates. And it’s all going to start tomorrow.  Mobilicity is set to launch May, 15th in Toronto, offering another alternative for discerning cell phone consumers. The 3.5G network is set to go live and their “simple” plans are simply unlimited.

You can find more details about the plans on their website. Even the $15 starter plan has unlimited text and unlimited in-network calling. Bump up to $25 for unlimited minutes or $35 for unlimited talk and text. Want unlimited everything? The $65 plan has you covered with global talk, text, data, and other features.  Even the long distance is cheap. For an extra $20 a month, you can have unlimited long distance to East and Southeast Asia, including places like China and India.

In terms of hardware, the Mobilicity offerings are similar to those at Wind Mobile. They don’t do contracts, so the phones are at full retail. Choose from the Bold 9700 ($500), Nokia 5230 ($170), Nokia Totem ($100), Sony Ericsson TM506 ($100), Huawei U7519 ($110), or HTC Snap ($200).  If this wasn’t aggressive enough, we could be expecting Public Mobile to launch some time this year too. Adding Wind Mobile and Mobilicity to the picture, the existing “big three” may need to rethink their business strategies.