Android 2.1 upgrade hits the Motorola Milestone in Canada

Android 2.1 upgrade hits the Motorola Milestone in Canada

Android 2.1 Update offered by Telus o the Motorola Milestone

Do you want the latest build of Google’s smartphone platform? Look no further than the fine folks at Telus Mobility, because the Motorola Milestone is getting the Android 2.1 update very shortly.

As you may recall, we took a look at the Motorola Milestone a couple of months ago. It’s basically the same phone as the Droid being sold through Verizon. There’s the 3.7-inch touchscreen and slide-out QWERTY keyboard, along with 16GB of memory, Bluetooth, and 5MP camera. What can you expect with Android 2.1 over the existing build? The phone will now be able to accept voice recognition commands over Bluetooth, for starters. Other highlights include better security (like remote wipe), Google Maps updates, Facebook app updates, battery life optimization, and a 3D gallery view.

In short, it makes a pretty good phone even better. When I had a chance to play with the Milestone, I thought the hardware was already pretty solid. It’s good to see that the software is continuing to improve itself too. New customers get 2.1 preloaded and existing owners can get the upgrade directly from Motorola’s website.