Create your own apps with no skills on Nokia Ovi store

Create your own apps with no skills on Nokia Ovi store


App stores are hugely popular among smartphone users. The iPhone crew have the App Store. BlackBerry users have their App World. Android owners turn to the Android Market. What about Nokia users? That’s what the Ovi Store is for, but what if you want to create an app of your own?

For the other app stores, you have to download the software development kit (SDK) and muddle your way through the app creation process. This can require some programming skills and expertise, but it seems that Ovi could be a lot easier.

That’s because Nokia just launched the App Wizard Beta. The web-based application builder requires no downloads on your part, but it can let you create all kinds of apps for Nokia smartphones. The App Wizard is free to use and, from what I can tell, free to publish too.

Not surprisingly, it’s functionality is going to be a little limited and hardcore coders will prefer having a proper program for the purpose. For the rest of us, a simple import of an RSS feed can churn out an Ovi-friendly app.

Check it out at It’s in beta, so expect the odd hiccup here and there.