BlackBerry 9670 flip smartphone spotted with OS6

BlackBerry 9670 flip smartphone spotted with OS6

BlackBerry Flip phone
BlackBerry Flip phone spotted

Not content with having the standard bar-style form factor for its smartphones, Research in Motion has since expanded into the touchscreen realm with the Storm and the clamshell world with the Pearl Flip. It seems that a more powerful BlackBerry clamshell is coming and it’s called the BlackBerry 9670.

In fact, we’ve come across several live pictures of the BlackBerry 9670 Clamshell on the Internet. Unlike the Pearl Flip, this smartphone does not do the SureType thing.

Instead, it’s decidedly wider and boasts a full QWERTY keyboard. I was never much of a fan of SureType anyway, so this is a major upgrade. You’ll also notice that, like other recent Berry releases, the BB 9670 has an optical trackpad in place of the trackball.

Perhaps the most exciting upgrade to accompany this particular phone, however, is the BlackBerry OS6. The home screen is similar to OS5 before it, but there should be some other upgrades that go along with the new OS build too.

What do you think? Are you more inclined to get a QWERTY-packing BlackBerry flip phone? Or are clamshells so 2006?