Rogers introduces exclusive “Extreme Text Messaging”

Rogers introduces exclusive “Extreme Text Messaging”


Regular text messages are already pretty useful. Features like threaded conversations and multi-text messages are pretty good too. Rogers thinks we can go further. That’s why the Canadian carrier has introduced Extreme Text Messaging.

So, what’s so extreme about this new program from Rogers Wireless? Well, it comes with six additional features to bump text messaging “to the next level.” All of these features can be managed through the My Account section of the Rogers Mobile Internet Portal.

The first feature is Auto-reply. You can think of this as the vacation message that you might set up with your email account, automatically responding to incoming texts with a preset message. Other features allow you to block incoming messages from unwanted sources, to send copies (CC) of your messages to another number or email address, and to forward texts like how you would with call forwarding. Rounding out the list of six features in Rogers Extreme Text Messaging are distribution lists and the personal signature.

All in all, it’s almost like Rogers is trying to make text messages more like what you can do with an email account. There probably isn’t much value here for BlackBerry and iPhone addicts, per se, but it could be great for users of regular feature phones.