World of Warcraft streamed to the iPad

World of Warcraft streamed to the iPad

World of Warcraft playing on the iPad through Gaikai
World of Warcraft playing on the iPad through Gaikai

The Apple iPad has become quite the popular little device. It’s been used to read ebooks, surf the web, and even play a few games. However, those little iPad games can still be quite shallow when compared to the fuller games you find on consoles and PC.

That could change. What if I told you that you could play World of Warcraft on your Apple iPad? No way, right? Well, there is a way and it may not be exactly what you think it is.

You see, you could use Gaikai. By using the Gaikai service, you aren’t actually running World of Warcraft (or any other game) on your chosen hardware (iPad, in this case). Instead, the game is being run from a Gaikai server and the resulting video content is then streamed back to your iPad. It takes your input, puts it into the game, and spits the video back at you.

This is called server-side computing. The Gaikai service is very similar to OnLive and it could open up worlds of opportunities for different games to be played on the iPad. From Crysis to Super Street Fighter IV, it’s possible.

The major hurdle (aside from reliability and other server-side issues)? Apple. How likely do you think it is that the Cupertino-based company would give the go-ahead to an iPad app like this? It would surely bite into the game sales in the App Store. Unless Gaikai wants to send boatloads of cash in Steve Jobs’ direction, this probably won’t be happening officially.

Unofficially, however, could be a different story altogether.