Depressing $1800 home office fits in your closet

Depressing $1800 home office fits in your closet

Armoire Box Office folds up and rolls away to hide the pain

What do you do when you want to have a home office, but don’t really have the room to fit it? What do you do if you live in a 400 square foot shoebox in the sky, but need to run your home-based business? Simple. For all 5 of you, just buy the Armoire Box Office.

This probably isn’t the most attractive home office that money can buy, but the Armoire Box Office is certainly much more compact. The whole thing can be folded up and closed up, like an armoire, pushed off to the side when you don’t need it. Like during the times you escape your filing cabinet office to work on the sofa at your local Starbucks.

Open it up and you have a small desk for your laptop, a roll out seat, and shelves on either side to fit a couple stacks of paper, a candle or two, and a sad picture frame. And the whole thing looks like it’s made of lightweight aluminum. You could almost call it an iOffice. Too bad it’s not an aluminum unibody.

I’ve been working from home as a freelance writer for a few years and I will admit that I’ve never had a proper home office. I tend to set up shop in the dining room or living room, placing a desk where another piece of furniture probably belongs.

It works for me, but if I were stuck in a tiny apartment and I really needed the working space, the Armoire Box Office might have to cut the mustard. Too bad it clocks in at a rather pricey $1,800. It really is the iOffice.

Armoire Box Office in filing cabinet mode