Sanyo Juno QWERTY phone gets colorful on Boost Mobile

Sanyo Juno QWERTY phone gets colorful on Boost Mobile

Kyocera Juno in Pink and Blue, from Boost Mobile

I haven’t seen a new Kyocera phone for some time, but it seems that the Japanese company is still around and kicking. The newest phone doesn’t carry direct Kyocera branding, per se, but it is the Sanyo Juno by Kyocera and it’s heading to Boost Mobile.

From what I can see, the Juno is not a smartphone. Instead, it’s another one of those QWERTY-packing messaging phones designed for texting enthusiasts and other people who can’t be bothered with full smartphone functionality. It sure looks like it could be a Windows Mobile handset though, don’t you think?

Clearly catering to a slightly younger demographic, Boost Mobile is offering the Sanyo Juno in your choice of two colors: impulsive pink and deep blue. I guess that’s supposed to be the girl and boy versions of the phone?

The rest of the specs on the phone, aside from the QWERTY keyboard, aren’t that exciting. You get a 1.3 megapixel camera, “fun editing features,” and easy-to-use menu icons on the 2.2-inch display. The one-click texting button is a nice touch, but it’s not really enough phone for me.

Look for the Sanyo Juno at your local Boost Mobile store in the next few weeks, or you can buy it online at today for $99.99.