Review: Case Mate WalkAbout leather iPad case

Review: Case Mate WalkAbout leather iPad case

Case Mate Premium Leather Apple iPad Case - Photo: Mobile Magazine

We wrapped our iPad in Case Mate’s most elegant and finely crafted sleeve, the WalkAbout.    If Case Mate would make a sofa out of this, I would probably not ever get up and gain 200 pounds.  Think of it as Ferrari’s bucket seat for your iPad.  Magnets hold the straps down, magnets you say? Don’t worry, I haven’t lost any data yet.  Besides, I’m sure Case Mate put them far away from our memory chips.

There’s no access to your USB connector when all tucked away unless you keep the flap up.  This is more of a travel bag, slip it in and hit the road. It’s got a bit of extra room on the back side, I don’t know if this was a design miscalculation since no one really had an iPad before launch day. But it does give you a bit of extra room for you to slip your iPhone into, a few business cards, maybe even some scrap paper and pen.

The side your screen faces has a barrier, more along the lines of thick sturdy sheet of cardboard but not entirely sure. It seems to be delicate, and somewhat protective. You’re not going to be tossing your iPad around in this case anyway.   You hold it with pride and show it off.  One thing that cleared up after a bit of use was the dusty inside.  For some reason the leather had a tendency to apply dust on the screen of your iPad for the first few days, after that it all cleared up.

Bottom Line
At $80 (with free shipping) it’s well made and worth every penny for someone looking at a high-end premium leather case for their magically new Apple iPad.

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