Lexar keeps Compact Flash alive with 600x 32GB cards

Lexar keeps Compact Flash alive with 600x 32GB cards

Lexar 32GB 600x Compact Flash Card

Maybe it’s because I’m not really in the digital SLR market, but I find that even SLRs are moving toward using the SD family of memory cards for most of their storage needs. It’s not quite as dated as the floppy disk, but I don’t see too many Compact Flash products kicking around these days.

But they’re still around and their owners still need to buy more memory. Lexar has announced that it has a couple of new memory cards for precisely this market and they are among the biggest and fastest to date. The pair of 32GB Professional Compact Flash cards are boasting 600x and 300x speed ratings. That’s pretty peppy.

Working alongside Lexar’s Professional ExpressCard CF Reader, the cards offer increased speed and performance over their predecessors. The 600x card can move those photos around at a guaranteed minimum sustained write speed of 90MB/sec, whereas the 300x card does it at 45MB/sec. You’ll need an UDMA 6-enabled device to do that.

Professional photographers, especially those who use rapid shots for sports photography, will appreciate the increased speed and performance. They’ll need to pay for it, though. The 300x 32GB card is $250 and the 600x card is twice that at $500. Ouch.