Wondershare: DVD to iPad video converter solution

Wondershare: DVD to iPad video converter solution


You got your hands on a magical new Apple iPad and you couldn’t be happier with the ability to surf the web from your living room couch. Unfortunately, there’s no optical drive, so how do you go about watching your DVD collection?

Wondershare Software of China has developed Wondershare DVD to iPad converter and iPad Video Converter specifically for this purpose, giving you the ability to take your DVD movies and view them on your new iPad. According to the company, the conversion process just takes three simple clicks.  First, you insert your DVD (or choose your video file) on your computer. Second, you choose the iPad supported video format. Third, you output the video. Sync it up with your iPad and you’ve got some video enjoyment on the go. And yes, it is compatible with the iPad’s HD playback.  Silly as it may seem, the software is only for PC computers.

I don’t know what Wondershare was thinking, but they do have an tool called Wondershare DVD converter for Mac and it supports the same file formats your iPad would use (MP4, M4V, MOV), but this one is a steep $45. While both the DVD to iPad Converter and the iPad Video Converter can be had for $19.95. They bundle the two for $27.95, but how many PC users are buying iPads compared to Mac users?  Seems a bit gimicky since realistically any DVD converter should be able to rip to a specified format, regardless of the device on hand, but you can get a demo and more info on Wondershare’s website.