Review: Press Your Luck for iPhone

Review: Press Your Luck for iPhone

Press Your Luck iPhone Game

Press Your Luck iPhone Game
One of the most popular game shows of all time was Press Your Luck.  It featured a far different format than other game shows, and of course the iconic “Whammy,” one of the most entertaining bankrupting devices in game show history.  Though only run for four seasons, it endured in reruns on various television channels for decades with even a revival show a few years ago.  Now anyone can play Press Your Luck with the release of as Press Your Luck app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

In Press Your Luck, you answer questions to earn spins on the Big Board which can win you sums of money, extra spins, or the dreaded Whammy.  Upon hitting a Whammy, an animation of a little red creature will appear on screen that will take your accumulated money in an always hilarious and backfiring way.  Land on four Whammies and the game is over.  The person with the most money at the end of the second round is the winner.

The show’s unique format allows it to blend with touch screens brilliantly.  Taps make up the simple controls of the game and there is NO learning curve to the game whatsoever.  The game emulates the original show precisely, and there is no deviation from the original game.

The app also emulates the original set with a rotating podium and big board.  You play as your own avatar, which you create from scratch, and can customize further the more you win.  Unlike other game show apps you are given specific challengers each game with the competition increasing in skill and clutchness as you progress.  All of the sets and avatars look great, and the Whammy animations are dead on. The sound effects and music in the app are taken exactly from the original game show, and the announcer of the app really does a great job.

The folks at Ludia made The Price is Right 2010 also made this game, they really show they’ve learned from what makes these apps good and bad and have created their best app so far.  It’s currently on sale in a launch special for only $3 on iTunes.  A must buy for all fans of the game show, or anyone who finds the concept of the app interesting.  It is also a better and cheaper alternative to other various versions which range from $15 to $30.

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