Ouidoo Scene device takes augmented reality mobile

Ouidoo Scene device takes augmented reality mobile

QderoPatero Ouidoo Scene Augmented Reality Device

Forget about 3D for a moment, a company called QderoPateo could have something even more exciting. The firm is set to demonstrate the new Ouidoo Scene device at the “Above the Clouds” event planned for this Friday. What makes this smartphone-like device so special? It has been designed from the ground up to handle augmented reality.

Being showcased just in time for the Shanghai World Expo, the Ouidoo Scene is said to be “beyond” a typical smartphone. It gets powered by a multi-core CPU and multiprocessor chip system that was designed specifically “to flawlessly handle the rigorous demands of articulated naturality applications.”

Articulated naturality? That’s QderoPateo’s take on augmented reality, merging “real-world environments with augmented reality’s 3D digital features.” The Ouidoo Scene offers a complete end-to-end platform for this purpose, blending “the physical and digital world in a very natural way.”

“Current sensor-based, camera view technologies only enable users to experience a 1.0 version of AR,” said Matt Gaines, Co-founder of QderoPateo. “With Articulated Naturality on the Ouidoo, we can achieve complete seamless integration, where virtual changes appear in real time for true interaction.”

The first version of the device will begin production in Q2 of this year. It’ll use TD-SCDMA, which is the 3G standard in China. QderoPateo also plans on releasing an EVDO version and a WCDMA/GSM version. Shipments are expected to commence this summer.