What’s your mission? iPhone app pays you to be a field agent

What’s your mission? iPhone app pays you to be a field agent

Field Agent App for the iPhone

This could be opening up a whole new wave of jobs for iPhone owners across the country.  Field Agent is a new app that allows a “client” (someone who needs some type of information), to connect with a “field agent” (someone with an iPhone who can provide you with information).  It’s an interesting concept, Field Agent allows for the collection and return of information for a fee to the Client.  They say Field Agents can earn anywhere from $2 to $8, depending on the job’s difficulty.

Companies may be looking for retail pricing or display information, perhaps some photos of an event, post the job and a Field Agent with an iPhone will be on their way.  I’m not all convinced about the practicality of this app. Will someone actually pay you to find out if Foldgers Columbian Whole Bean Coffee has a sales sticker on the bag? I don’t really know. My other concern is the quality of the image or video would not be anything close to spectacular, but if all you want to know about is a sale sticker on a bag of coffee, it may do just fine. It’s an interesting concept and will be something to watch to see who ends up using it and exactly how.   Clients will recieve an agents history, GPS location, time and date stampes and photo confirmations, this is to ensure accurace and satisfaction. I could see its use for Mobile Magazine, anyone find an iPhone 4G on the floor in a bar? Send us your pictures.

The question is, what type of field work would you be doing with your iPhone?  Are you a Client or Field Agent?  You could find your niche job and offer your servers to people around the country, allowing them to pay you for your Field Agent work, but that’s another scenario all together.  Not to be confused with the Field Agent Fingerprint App that allows you to identify your “friends” in a made-up FBI database of information.

Download Field Agent App from iTunes