The Page: e-ink newspaper concept takes eReading to another level

The Page: e-ink newspaper concept takes eReading to another level

The Page: e-Ink interactive newspaper concept

The whole e-book situation really started to get serious when the Amazon Kindle was released. It got kicked up a notch with the Apple iPad, but what about newspapers? You can read them on your iPad or Kindle, but neither formats are quite the same as what the Page concept is trying to accomplish.

Rather than use solid displays like other smartbooks, the Page makes use of flexible and foldable e-paper technology. That’s not entirely new, per se, but it is crazy to see that this e-paper is semi-transparent and interactive to boot.  As it stands, the Page is unfortunately still a concept, so it’s really hard to say when something quite like this will emerge. Even so, when it happens, it will be a whole new way for people to read their daily newspapers, flipping through virtual pages while still being able to see what is behind the paper while saving millions of  trees.  In the logging business?  Consider this a headsup, you better start looking for new work.

Check out the demo video below.  Would you use technology like this or do you prefer to use a Kindle, ebook reader, or iPad for your newspaper reading?

THE PAGE_Adaptive Delivery Device from Scott Liao on Vimeo.