App Beast for iPhone gives you 60 utilities for $1

App Beast for iPhone gives you 60 utilities for $1

App Beast provides 60 utils for $1 on the iPhone
App Beast provides 60 utils for $1 on the iPhone

One of the coolest things about having an iPhone is all the available utility apps.  From battery meters, calendars, currency converters, to translators – they are great features to have on hand and can be very useful in many situations.  As time went on, app developers managed to lump several of these utilities into one convenient app.  This created extra space on the iPhone, and streamlined the icons on the device.   A new utility app called App Beast was released on iTunes that promises over 60 utility apps for the price of one.

At its core, App Beast delivers over 60 utility apps for your perusal.   Some of these apps are garbage, but there are others like referee calls, level, cocktail recipes, and tip calculators, that are handy.

Here is a list of all the apps in App Beast according to App Shopper:

  1. iPod Alarm clock (Customize background and LCD Color!)
  2. Contact Safe
  3. Image Safe
  4. Voice Memo
  5. RSS Reader
  6. Fullscreen Camera (with tons of tools!)
  7. System Information (Memory)
  8. Battery Info
  9. Bubble Level
  10. Parking finder
  11. Image Filters (brightness, contrast, color tints, Black & White, and More)
  12. Security Alarm
  13. Fullscreen Private Web Browser
  14. Flashlight (Customize Colors)
  15. World Holidays & Your Events
  16. Cocktails Recipes
  17. Referee Calls
  18. Neon Paint
  19. Password Generator (Multiple types of protection settings)
  20. Periodic Table of Elements
  21. Metal Detector
  22. BAC Calculator (Blood Alcohol Content)
  23. BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index)
  24. BMR Calculator (Basal Metabolic Rate)
  25. Required Calories Generator by Activity level
  26. THR Calculator (Target Heart Rate)
  27. Max Rep Calculator
  28. Tip Calculator
  29. Currency Converter
  30. Calculator
  31. Random Number Generator
  32. Tally Counter
  33. Web Search (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask)
  34. Task Timers
  35. Emoji Enabler
  36. Traffic Information
  37. Crazy Laws
  38. Language Translator (over 50 Languages)
  39. Dictionary
  40. Thesaurus
  41. Walk N Text
  42. Fake Call
  43. Fake SMS (Texting)
  44. Fake Missed Calls
  45. Fake Lock-Screen Alerts
  46. Fake MMS
  47. Contact Exporter (Export contacts to CSV File)
  48. Group Email
  49. Facebook tools
  50. Twitter Tools
  51. Notes
  52. Fortune Teller
  53. Famous Quotes (over 20,000!)
  54. Metronome
  55. Plum Bob
  56. Altimeter
  57. Massage
  58. Light Rave
  59. Contact Shortcuts (create shortcuts for SMS, CALLS, EMAILS)
  60. Web Apps(Create shortcuts on home-screen for easy access later)
  61. Theme Settings (Set themes for customized look across the app!)

On their own, these apps are not worth much, but combined into one sleek package, are definitely worth the $1, especially with the promise of new app additions in the future..  App Beast is almost James Bond like, as it has a bunch of cool gadgets, and even reflects the iPhone credo: “There’s an app for that.”

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