Wind Mobile launches Nokia 5230 touchscreen smartphone

Wind Mobile launches Nokia 5230 touchscreen smartphone

Nokia 5230 lands on Wind Mobile
Nokia 5230 lands at Wind Mobile

Earlier this week the Nokia 5230 was revealed and suspected to be making its way over to Wind Mobile in Canada “soon” and with that, we would probably expect it in a “few weeks.” As it turns out, these weeks turned into days.  Wind Mobile has officially launched the Nokia 5230. The best part is that they’re keeping the price a lot lower than most people would expect for a brand new touchscreen smartphone. The Nokia 5230 can be yours for $180. That’s outright without a contract.

Even at this lower price point, the Nokia 5230 still gives you plenty to enjoy. There’s the 640 x 360 resistive touchscreen display, 3.5mm headphone jack, aGPS, and two-megapixel camera, all wrapped up in a Symbian S60 5th Edition user interface.

As if the $180 price tag wasn’t appealing enough, you should also remember that Wind is offering you a $150 bonus credit if you switch over from the big three. That promo lasts until the end of the month.