Sleek Audio uses carbon fiber for latest headphones

Sleek Audio uses carbon fiber for latest headphones

Sleek Audio SA7 Carbon Fiber Headphones

For a few years, I really got caught up in the “tuner” culture. I hung out with a couple of car clubs and we would talk about the different upgrades that we had done to our cars and any future plans we had for more modifications. Carbon fiber always made its way into the conversation.

While getting a carbon fiber hood can reduce some weight and potentially improve your performance, it won’t mean much when you’re weighed down by a couple of giant subwoofers. Then again, the carbon fiber and aluminum used for the Sleek Audio SA7 earphones could indeed make you go faster. Or not.

In all seriousness, these are some super premium headphones for your mobile music enjoyment. The SA7 pair are made from military-grade solid aluminum and carbon fiber, giving them not only a unique look but also a unique performance dynamic.  Carbon fiber would provide a tight fighting sealed enclosure, giving you a very sweet tuned sound. The two drivers are protected by shock-absorbent silicone too.

According to Sleek Audio, these brain-rattlers should withstand up to 14,000 Gs of force and the aluminum design actually heightens the audio quality, providing an extra octave of sound to boot.

Expect the Sleek Audio SA7 premium earphones to go on sale soon in the $350 to $400 range. The wireless version chimes in at a $100 premium above that.