Speck covers, wraps, and skins your iPad

Speck covers, wraps, and skins your iPad

Speck CandyShell and Fitted Hard Shell Cases for iPad

Speck is keeping us covered again, this time with the release of several new solutions for your new Apple iPad’s.  There are three new products to keep your iPad safe and secure, available immediately from Apple.com and Apple Stores, the Speck PixelShield Sleeve is a durable screen protection layer for the iPad.  It’s soft, and lets you away your iPad in a scratch-free micro-fleece lined carrying case, available in red and black for $40.

The PixelSleeve Plus is extra-durable and has a neoprene exterior, has a carrying handle too, and is carried in landscape style rather than portrait like thePixelSleeve. Price is also $40 and comes in black with gray lining.

Speck also has an anti-glare matte finish coating that covers your screen. The ShieldView is supposed to cut down on reflections and improves visibility and clarity. I wish they would have these for every anti-glare screen.  At $25 its not a bad deal to protect that beautiful display.

Up and coming are the CandyShell hard fitted shell case for the iPad, it will sell for $50 and SeeThru hard shell cases in Satin as well for $50 in Black, Blue and Purple. PixelSkin is a rubbery grip type of case for theiPad, it will sell for $40 and come in black, green and purple.  Expect these mid-April.

Speck Products for the Apple iPad