Review: MLB at Bat 2010 for iPhone and iPad, Watch live games...

Review: MLB at Bat 2010 for iPhone and iPad, Watch live games and more

MLB at Bat 2010 on the iPhone

With baseball season just beginning, many MLB fans have been trying to find other ways to follow their favorite teams on a game by game basis. With the advent of MLB at Bat last year, iPhone and iPod Touch users gained the ability to listen to every single MLB game live on their device, which made the app a huge success. This year, a new MLB at Bat has been released that is a top app, and also the subject of controversy.

MLB at Bat 2010 contains all the features of the original and more. The ability to listen to every game live, choose your feed for each game, game cast, news, videos, and standings are all back. These features run well, with loud clear audio for the games.

New to this year is the ability to watch MLB games live. The video quality on these games are actually really good, and they run well with little lag. However, this is where the controversy begins. MLB at Bat gives you one free game per game, and not necessarily your home team’s game, I found one game to be completely garbage, and a game no one would want to watch. However, you can watch any MLB game on MLB at Bat by linking it up to your account, which costs $60 on top of the $15 your paying for the app. Needless to day, this app requires one lofty investment.

While MLB at Bat is an expensive app, it’s worth it if you’re a huge baseball fan. It gives you multiple feeds of every single radio broadcast and every single MLB game. It’s the perfect app for the baseball fan on the go, or for someone who wants to listen or watch baseball outside their home. I couldn’t justify buying the just because it’s so expensive, but if you already have it, then MLB at Bat is a must buy.  A lite version of the app is also available, but of course you won’t get the live streaming and several other key features.

Download MLB at Bat from iTunes ($14.99)

Download MLB at Bat Lite (Free)

Download At Bat 2010 for the iPad($14.99)