iPad tablet clone runs Google Android

iPad tablet clone runs Google Android

Moonse E-7001 Tablet

Maybe you’re really interested in the Apple iPad, just like everyone elese these days. However, you’re not as interested in that iPhone-based operating system and you can’t be bothered with something the size of the iPad. It seems that a strange company called Moonse has you covered.

What you see here is the Moonse E-7001 tablet. In just about every regard, they’ve designed this product to look just like the Apple iPad. There are certainly differences, of course.

For starters, the platform being used is Google Android 1.5. This isn’t the first Android-based tablet to show up on the Internet and it certainly won’t be the last. You’ll also find that the larger touchscreen of the iPad has been swapped for a smaller 7-inch display. This could be the range for an iPad nano, but that’s just a rumor for now.

For the rest of the specs, you get a 600MHz Rockchip RK2808 processor, SD slot, Wi-Fi, front facing camera, USB port, and five hours of battery life. The processor might be swapped out for a Cortex A8 before launch too.

While the Moonse E-7001 tablet isn’t quite ready for sale just yet, they are saying that this could retail in the 900 Chinese yuan range. That equates to about $130, which is far less than the lowest $499 entry point for an iPad. Do you get what you pay for?