Cisco reveals $280 Flip SlideHD pocket camcorder

Cisco reveals $280 Flip SlideHD pocket camcorder

Flip Slide HD with large LCD
Flip Slide HD with large LCD

Remember when the first Flip Video hit the market and everyone thought it was such an amazing little toy? It made video recording so accessible to everyone, since all you had to do was point and click that big red button. The Flip line expanded again today with the Flip SlideHD camcorder.

Cisco Flip Slide HD Revealed

While all the other pocket camcorders in this line have offered the same basic form factor up until now, the Flip SlideHD is dramatically different. It’s not just a regular old candybar, because it actually slides up… sort of like an HTC Tilt smartphone.

The other vital difference is that Cisco has enlarged the display dramatically. Instead of that tiny little window that you got on the Flip UltraHD and Flip MinoHD, you get a big three-inch display. Underneath that is a capacitive touch navigation bar. All the regular buttons are now replaced by on-screen controls instead.

The rest of the specs are quite similar to existing models, shooting 720p videos and saving them onto the 16GB of internal memory. That should be enough space for about four hours of video. You still get HDMI output, but they’ve also added a headphone jack for private listening.

The Flip SlideHD is available now for $280.