Telus gets LG Breeze QWERTY messaging phone

    LG Breeze QWERTY handset on Telus Mobility
    LG Breeze QWERTY handset on Telus Mobility

    Even though there are a good number of great smartphones available on the market today, not everyone wants to pay for a hefty data plan. They want some of that smartphone functionality but at a more affordable price. For those people, the LG Breeze from Telus may be appropriate.

    Following in the footsteps of so many other messaging phones before it, the LG Breeze is smartphone-like in appearance and functionality, but it’s “just a feature phone.”  You do get a rather large 2.8-inch display and a handy slide-out QWERTY keyboard, so it’s easy to send text and email messages. It also comes loaded with some social networking apps, keeping up with Twitter is a breeze too. Rounding out the specs are the microSD slot and 3MP camera.  A new three-year contract will get you  the LG Breeze for just $49.99. The two-year, one-year, and no contract prices are $129.99, $179.00, and $229.99, respectively.