Microsoft Zune firmware version 4.5 gets released

Microsoft Zune firmware version 4.5 gets released


It’s still pretty clear that the Apple iPod has a stranglehold on the portable MP3 player market, but Microsoft isn’t going to drift off into the darkness. They’re still fully supporting their platform and moving it ahead with plenty of updates.

If you happen to be rocking a Zune HD, you’ll be happy to hear that firmware version 4.5 has been dished out to address a few quibbles and improve your overall experience. One of the more interesting additions in the new firmware update is something called Smart DJ Mix. This provides you with a “quick and dynamic way to launch instant mixes… based on any album, artist, or song in your collection.” Smart DJ automatically finds other songs in your collection to make a new mix. You’ll also find improved support for more video codecs.

To go through the update process on your Zune HD, what you’ll need to do is download and install the update using the desktop software that accompanies your Zune. Then, you’ll go through the usual sync process and your Zune should be updated accordingly. Naturally, the new firmware is free too.