Samsung smartphones with proprietary OS could be a Bada idea

Samsung smartphones with proprietary OS could be a Bada idea

Samsung Bada Smartphone Roadmap
Samsung Bada Smartphone Roadmap - Photo: SamsungHub

As if there weren’t enough smartphone platforms already on the market, Samsung wants to move ahead with its new Bada operating system.  We’ve already seen one or two phones with this platform, but now the Korean mega-giant is coming forward with several more bada phones.

Based on a presentation slide show, only one of them has a name right now. We had heard about the Samsung Wave with bada OS previously, but now it looks like it’s getting joined by four more Samsung smartphones. A couple of them have slide-out keyboards, whereas the other two appear to be touchscreen-only devices.

Naturally, since we don’t even have names for these phones, we don’t really have anything in terms of confirmed specs and features either. We can probably guess that they have high resolution cameras and high resolution displays. There’s also a significant chance that at least one has an AMOLED or Super AMOLED touchscreen.  Samsung wasn’t exactly forthcoming with a release date, but the assumption is that these new bada smartphones could start filtering into the marketplace some time in the fall. Until then, they remain nameless vaporware.