Electric Nissan Land Glider represents future of urban transportation?

Electric Nissan Land Glider represents future of urban transportation?

Nissan Land Glider Concept
Nissan Land Glider Concept

Remember years ago when we first heard about Project Ginger and then it was revealed to us as the Segway? It was supposed to revolutionize the way that we got around town, but it hasn’t exactly lived up to these high hopes. We still want a proper vehicle of some kind for longer trips and it seems that Nissan is capitalizing on this emerging niche.

There are other electric cars and there are fuel-efficient scooters, but none of them are quite like the Nissan Land Glider. It has four wheels, but it leans into corners like a bike or a scooter.

The electric-powered Land Glider is about half the width of a family car and it has room to transport two people around town. By being narrower, the Land Glider can more easily navigate through busy city streets. With a maximum top speed of 62mph, it should be able to handle most urban transport.

“It is a radical new vehicle that combines the company’s vision for future urban mobility with Nissan’s great driving heritage,” said a Nissan representative.”With four-wheel stability and a sense of safety that originates from a tilting cabin, the Land Glider will appeal to both two-wheel and four-wheel driving enthusiasts.”

No word on a launch date, so stay tuned for more.

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