iPhone dock brings you back 25 years, long live the corded desk...

iPhone dock brings you back 25 years, long live the corded desk phone

iPhone Desk Dock brings you back 25 years

Feel like taking a few steps backwards on the technological innovation timeline? It must be nice to have a glorious touchscreen and the freedom of being wireless, but sometimes you like the nostalgic feel of a corded desk phone. Now you can combine the two.

At long last, an adapter has been created that is aptly called the Desk Phone iPhone Dock. As you can quite plainly see, it’s a dock for your iPhone that effectively converts it to a $10 corded phone you could probably buy from Radio Shack.

The iPhone still acts as the heart of this contraption, including the dial pad as shown, but it means that you slam the handset portion down to hang up just like you did years ago. That’s so much more satisfying than pressing the “end call” virtual button extra hard.

From what we can see, the corded phone dock gives you a pair of stereo speakers, USB and AC power source options, volume control, instant mute, and a microphone. No word on pricing or availability.

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