Verizon iPhone 4G speculation mounts, expected this June

Verizon iPhone 4G speculation mounts, expected this June

Dreams of an iPhone 4G on Verizon

Its that time of year again when the new iPhone is just around the corner. Just before the summer of every year, the Messiah Jobs comes down from his mountain to bestow upon the land his latest gift to mankind. The groundswell of anticipation from the people below reaches deafening heights as June approaches.

With all the anxious anticipation comes the plethora of educated predictions and “reliable sources” that foretell of the miracles that the latest and greatest will contain. The list seems ever-long, yet consistent. Rumors of a forward facing camera, HD video, higher resolution display, and multi-tasking are always at the top, accompanied with some believable-yet-bogus photoshopped image.

With every generation of iPhone released, the fruity bastards in Cupertino give us just enough to want more, but not enough to satisfy our craving. Nothing on the list has been desired or anticipated more than the release of an iPhone that would support a CDMA cellular network, which just so happens to be the same used by Verizon Wireless.

This is the one broken dream held steadfast by millions of subscribers enslaved to either one of the two major carriers. AT&T subscribers who live in big cities and get terrible reception, or Verizon customers who are sick of their craptastic 1997 phones and are possibly tied in to a lengthy contract.

To date, AT&T has maintained a Vader-like grip on Apple’s golden baby. The revenues for both Apple & AT&T have reached into the sky. Reports of leaked meeting memos from the carrier show their unrelenting taste for profits tied to the little darling and their intentions to keep it exclusive for as long as possible.

“We expect the iPhone to be a part of our future for a long time,” Siegel told InformationWeek.

The idea that the iPhone will be going CDMA is very doubtful. Any speculation was shot down during the iPad announcement citing that Apple was staying true to AT&T.

Now again, we find ourselves waiting at the foot of the mountain for the Messiah to appear. The tech blogs are abuzz with speculation. Everyone is waiting with baited breath.

The Wall Street Journal reported that while Taiwanese contract manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry is building an iPhone set for summer release, an iPhone that would run on Verizon Wireless’ CDMA network is also being built by Pegatron Technology, a contracted manufacturing subsidiary of ASUSTek Computer. They claim mass production could begin as early as September.

Verizon is expanding their network to be one of the largest 4G LTE service providers in the nation.   But this does not necessarily mean the next-generation iPhone will purely support 4G, it just makes Verizon a good candidate to support the technology.

So what to believe? I for one am guiltily of wishful thinking. The idea of an iPhone on another network opens the possibilities to a larger iPhone community. A larger community to share pics and video with, play games with, and to market to. If there is a Verizon iPhone in the near future, we should expect its release during the month of June at the WWDC 2010 event.

So hold your breath if you dare and wait with me.