FedEx to trial four new EV trucks in LA

FedEx to trial four new EV trucks in LA

FedEx green electric truck - Photo: FedEx
FedEx green electric truck with 80 kilowatt-hour batteries - Photo: FedEx

FedEx is fully on board the greenwagon, perhaps they are driving it, at least in the parcel delivery industry as they intend to launch four purely electric trucks to roam the streets of LA this summer.

A 2,021 mile journey started today, their Modec/Navistar trucks will travel across “Route 66” from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA stopping at St. Louis, Joplin, Oklahoma City, Amarillo and Albuquerque. With an estimated range of 100 miles per battery charge, it would have to travel 500 miles per day, batteries take 8 hours to recharge, they could be swapped out as they will be in 24/7 operating conditions, that only takes 20 minutes to do – realistically the trucks will be transported themselves and arrive to the selected cities.

Once it reaches its final destination in California, the FedEx electric truck will be on display at the Fortune Brainstorm Green conference, April 12-14. Running on 80 kilowatt-hour batteries, they cost FedEx well above the price of a “large luxury sedan”, i’m guessing Acura or Lexus, $80,000 per piece? FedEx want’s to see innovation in battery technology before they go ahead with a larger fleet order, they want smaller, more energy dense fuel supplies – because all those little things such as air conditioning and power steering are taken for granted. In LA especially, you will know it or not if a FedEx guy comes up to your door after been driving around all day in the sweltering heat with no A/C. Each one of those forgotten luxuries uses up battery power, less power means less range, fewer deliveries, and money lost, but how can you put a price on the environment anyway?