Logic Instrument’s rugged FieldBook is ready for extreme work

Logic Instrument’s rugged FieldBook is ready for extreme work

Logic Instrument FieldBook

Logic Instrument has just launched their rugged FieldBook.  The Windows handheld device sports a 7-inch “sunlight readable” WVGA display with a resistive glovetouch screen, that means no sausage wieners necessary.  You can drop it from 4′, bring it to extreme climates of -20C to +50C, rain won’t stop it, nor dust-storms.  It’s not exactly the handheld you would buy for watching movies and surfing the web, unless you were out roaming the Adirondacks in December.   It would be more in line with maintenance and communication crews such as military, logistics and emergency services.

Packed inside the rugged shell is a 1.6GHz Atom CPU with 2GB RAM and a G-Sensor protected 120GB HDD. Probably not what you expected, why no Solid State?  But G-Sensor does add a free-fall sensor designed to detect when the  FieldBook has been dropped which then protects critical data that could otherwise be destroyed. Seagate says “they can withstand a mechanical shock up to 300 Gs when the heads are flying over the media. The same drive can withstand a shock up to 900 Gs in a non-active state.”  I guess that will have to do, for now.

You would expect some type of 3G connectivity considering its purpose, but only Wi-Fi is available.  Bluetooth, GPS, camera, USB, RS232, Ethernet, RFID, Barcode and PCMCIA, ExpressCard or mini-PCI Express slots are standard, with the ability to upgrade for various automobile and truck installations.  So if your boss said no to the iPad, he may go for the FieldBook, butdon’t expect any app action on this thing.
Pricing stats at US$2,895, a full review is over at Rugged PC Review’s website.