$200,000+ Vertu signature phones represent the ‘four seasons’

$200,000+ Vertu signature phones represent the ‘four seasons’

Vertu Signature Collection premium phones start at $216,000 USD

Usually when it comes to buying the newest and hottest cell phone, I take a look at the spec sheet to see how they compare to other phones I’ve already seen. I may mull over the user interface and form factor, considering how the handset can fit into my lifestyle.  The Vertu line from Nokia is just an entirely different ball game.

The brand has been around for a while, but it has fallen out of the limelight for quite some time.  Nokia wants to remind us that Vertu is still very much alive and they’re still pumping out new phones. In fact, the most exclusive Signature collection has been populated with four new hyper-expensive offerings.

Representing each of the four seasons, these Vertu Signature collection premium phones come with some delicate hand-crafting and the “latest technology,” but you’re really buying into the exclusivity. From what I can see, there’s no touchscreen, no smartphone features, no QWERTY keyboard, or any of that jazz.

We’ve seen some Vertu phones for $5,000 or more, but this is the hyper-exclusive Signature collection. Each phone will put you back 20 million Yen; that works out to $216,600 in the green stuff. Yowza! Choose from the Vertu Daigo, Nishiki Akira, Kikusui, and Southern handsets.

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