Google Nexus One now official for Telus and Bell

Google Nexus One now official for Telus and Bell

Google Nexus One
Google Nexus One official for Telus and Bell

Have you been hankering for the coolest Google Android phone on the block but you were assuming that you were not on a compatible network? For my fellow Canadians, Google has some great news.

As you may recall, Google announced a regular HSDPA-compatible version of the Nexus One a short while ago. They said that it would play friendly with Rogers Wireless in Canada and AT&T in the United States, opening up some possibilities. As it turns out, the 3G-ness is good with Telus and Bell too.

I figured that much made sense, because the fundamental 3G technology behind the Telus and Bell networks (not including the CDMA network) is similar to what Rogers had, using the same wireless bands. Either way, it’s good to see Google make it official.

If you happen to be with Wind Mobile, you can get in on the original unlocked Nexus One. That’s because the original version uses 1700MHz AWS for its 3G, much like T-Mobile in the United States and, yes, Wind in Canada.

Google Nexus One officially listed on Google's Website - Photo: Mobile Syrup