Universal mail inbox set for iPhone 4G?

Universal mail inbox set for iPhone 4G?

Email received by Julio
Email received by Julio Manuel

Managing your email’s on your iPhone will are going to get easier with the promise of a universal email inbox on the next Apple iPhone.  Current iPhones separate emails into separate boxes based on different email addresses, soon they will be neatly converged into one neat box, according to an email received from blogger Julio Manuel.  Julio fired off an email to Steve Jobs complimenting their customer service and asking if there would be a universal email inbox on future iPhones, Jobs simply replied “Yep” from his iPad (big surprise in the device he used to respond).

This new feature will have its advantages and disadvantages.  On the plus side, all emails a person has over different addresses will come to one folder, creating a more streamlined and efficient experience.  On the down side, certain people like myself have numerous addresses, for both personal and business purposes, and might like to keep each address separated for a more professional look.  Perhaps the ability to turn the universal mail feature on or off would help the situation, or an option to select which email you reply to, with message filters or labels could do the trick.

This has the potential to be a really neat feature if done right.  We’ll have to wait for the next iPhone to see for sure how they do it.