Get tougher with BlueAnt T1 rugged Bluetooth headset

Get tougher with BlueAnt T1 rugged Bluetooth headset

BlueAnt T1 Rugged Bluetooth headset

We’ve seen more than our fair share of rugged cell phones. We’ve also seen all sorts of rugged notebooks, PDAs, and other handheld electronics. What if you want to keep your hands free when you’re using these rough and tough gadgets? BlueAnt has the ticket, it seems, because they’re issuing a rugged Bluetooth headset.

What you see here is the new BlueAnt T1. It may look like any number of other Bluetooth headsets with its earloop and plain black appearance, but this is supposed to be one of the toughest headsets on the market today. Solid Snake would approve.

Rather than use a standard-issue plastic outer shell, the BlueAnt T1 uses a special protective skin that allows it to survive a little more abuse – i’m talking about delivering clear audio in wind speeds of up to 22 mph while cushioning against impact and protecting against things like dust and moisture.  The special skin is lightweight, made of silicon so you won’t notice any extra bulk.

The usual slate of techie goodness can be found in this thing too. It has the same verbal caller ID and voice-activated features that you’d find with other BlueAnt Bluetooth devices, 2,000 phone book entries, and A2DP streaming.  You can even say “Answer” to pick up an incoming call (or “Ignore” to, well, ignore it).  The BlueAnt T1 hits the usual suspects this May with an $80 MSRP.