Review: Arctic C2 USB charger for all your gadgets

Review: Arctic C2 USB charger for all your gadgets

Arctic C2 Portable USB Charger - Photo: Fabrizio Pilato
Arctic C2 Portable USB Charger - Photo: Fabrizio Pilato

The Arctic C2 is a portable USB power charger that will go with you to just about any country and keep your batteries in tip top condition. It’s a small unit, easy to pack in to any of your travel bags, about two-thirds the size of your Apple power block, and can power up to four individual USB devices simultaneously.

The Swiss company who makes it is Arctic Cooling, they are better known for their CPU cooling and power supply accessories. The Arctic C2 comes with four interchangeable plugs supporting most countries in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia (over 150 countries supported), with the full range of 100V to 240V of power output depending on your location.

Instead of using four seperate power adapters you can plug most USB power devices directly into the Arctic C2, freeing up ports on the wall and slimming your gear bag down a few vital ounces. You can even use it to get USB-powered devices off your notebooks draw that normally sit around sucking you dry. I tested it with my notebook cooler and it worked like a charm. Safety was also considered in its design, short circuit protection, over current protection and over power protection are all integrated within the Arctic C2, giving you confidence in charging your prized gadgets in even the seediest motels.

Bottom Line
Priced at $23.90 USD directly from Arctic Cooling, the small pocket charger is a great addition to bring with you on any adventure where you need to keep your gear fully charged and ready to go almost anywhere.

Arctic C2 Portable USB Charger with multiple country adapters - Photo: Fabrizio Pilato
Arctic C2 Charging Unit Measures 75L x 50W x 29D mm and weighs 78g - Photo: Fabrizio Pilato