If the Hulk was Going to Buy a Watch

If the Hulk was Going to Buy a Watch


Who says being green is for hippies anymore! Casio is the latest company to jump on the money train and “green-wash” its products with the introduction of the Pathfinder PRG110C-3.

In addition to telling you how late you are for work, the watch sports an altimeter, barometer, thermometer and digital compass if you should ever find yourself flying an airplane and all the instruments suddenly fail.

No batteries you say?  With a photo voltaic cell built right into its face to ensure that it’s still running long after you’re not, we don’t need such archaic technologies. Casio claims that this will help cut down on the approximately three billion batteries Americans toss in the trash each year. But watch batteries are tiny and how often have you ever changed a watch battery? Exactly.

As far as being on the cutting edge with its eco-friendly tech, I know that Timex & Citizen watches have had the solar feature for years, way before Al Gore said it was considered cool.

To really drive the point home, they decided to make it available in the most obnoxious green color that is sure to make a bold statement about your desire to help mother earth while clashing with even the best planned outfits. To Casio’s credit, the Pathfinder does do its part for our blue marble by being packaged in recycled materials.

If you consider $250 a small price to pay to let everyone know you love the Earth, this teched-out watch is for you – exclusively available from Amazon soon.