Telegent mobile TV accompanies Samsung Star TV cell phone

Telegent mobile TV accompanies Samsung Star TV cell phone

Telegent Movile TV on Samsung Star TV S5233T handset

I guess you could say that I’m lucky to work from home. The television is never too far away, so I can always hop over to catch a program or two during my self-imposed breaks. That said, it would still be nice to watch TV while on the go and it seems that Telegent has us covered on that front.

Today, Telegent Systems announced that its analog mobile TV receiver will be shipping with the Samsung Star TV S5233T handset. The touchscreen cell phone offers a large display, making it a perfect candidate for mobile television enjoyment.

Using this handset and the Telegent solution, consumers have the opportunity to enjoy free-to-air TV. That’s free, live, and over the air. You get a “rich graphical” touchscreen control scheme, which includes the ability to “flick” the screen to change channels. You can also do screen captures and record for later viewing.

That’s the good news. The bad news, at least for us, is that the Samsung Star TV S5233T is currently only available in Southeast Asia, for now.

“Analog mobile TV has rapidly gained the attention of consumers worldwide.  Analyst firm Forward Concepts estimates that free-to-air mobile TV accounts for more than half of the world market for broadcast TV handsets shipped in 2009.  Devices that support these standards enable a global market for mobile TV, with more than 88% of the world’s population continuing to receive analog broadcast TV signals during 2013.”