What’s missing in the pricey iPad might make you “iSad”

What’s missing in the pricey iPad might make you “iSad”

Apple iPad with multiple views
Concept: Video chat will not be possible on the cameraless Apple iPad

With about two weeks before the Apple iPad is in our hands, one feels like a Nasa scientist waiting for the Apollo rocket to take off. It’s a nail biting and nervous moment for everyone at Apple, waiting for the iPad to either soar into the stratosphere or crash and burn.

If you’ve been following our series of features on the iPad (If you haven’t then you should catch up) you would know that the iPad has been under a host of controversy and bad press from rivals and application developers alike.

Whereas the iPad is cleverly being marketed as a unique device superior in software and hardware when compared to rival products. Media has not blocked it from being compared to e-readers, tablet pc’s and notebooks. That is quite a derogatory comparison to say the least.

Before we get down to the iPad’s disappointing aspects let’s focus on what makes the iPad a unique blend of Apple innovation and modern computing technology, and not just an oversized iPhone.   It does have a smartphone similar instant ‘on’ feature, a blazing fast processor, a multi-touch screen and most impressively, a gigantic, gluttonous library of over 150,000 applications. This may make it the tablet of choice for business and non-business people slicing into the notebook market as well, but some crucial things are lacking which would be otherwise commony features many business users are used to having.

What the iPad is missing: it does not have expandable memory. You cannot expand a 16 GB iPad to the larger 64 GB or even the middle tier 32 GB.  The lack of a USB port has to be it’s biggest design boo-boo. It is inexcusable to not have a USB port in this day and age on any device.  A device like the Addonics could allow for easy access to thumbdrives and network printers, but that would only be an at home solution, not something we could access anywhere and everywhere.

The lack of a camera is quite tragic! A device that sits on your lap and faces you head on, with a wireless network connection too.  How could this not have a camera?

The operating system that powers the iPad is not up to task in the multi-tasking department. Some applications can utilize the operating systems’ multi-tasking features, some cannot. Talk about blatant discrimination! It’s no wonder developers feel hot and bothered about developing applications for the iPad.

You’re also lumped with Apple’s Safari browser. It’s an amazing browser don’t get me wrong, but Firefox, Chrome, and Opera are quite respectable contenders, and Safari is not always at the top of everyones list.  And what are the majority of web based tools built with? Well you get the swf.

Apple iPad with multiple views