PlayStation motion controller takes a stab at Sony couch potatoes

PlayStation motion controller takes a stab at Sony couch potatoes

PlayStation Move Joysticks

PlayStation Move Joystick
Like the evolution of keyboards and mice, we are witnessing the evolution of other forms of user input devices. The console gamepad or joypstick has been a staple form of user input for a generation of consoles. Starting way back when the joystick was used by Atari and the Coleco Vision for home consoles.

It was the Nintendo’ Wii that proved you do not necessarily need a faster processor and powerful graphics card with glitzy games to have fun. The Wii was just a tad more innovative than the PS3 and XBox 360 with the introduction of the Wii Remote.

Sony has now announced a three dish buffet for it’s motion controller called the PlayStation Move, a standalone Move controller, or a package with the PlayStation Eye + Move + a game, or an entire console. Couch potatoes are warned: gone are the days of button mashing and exercising your wrists and fingers only. Where the PlayStation Move stands apart from the Wii is its fewer buttons and no cable!

The PlayStation Eye detects the exact movement of the PlayStation move controller in a 3D space and determines the exact angle. It duplicates onto the screen, allowing you to interact with games as if you were a part of the polygon reality playing out on screen. Free your mind Neo, free your mind. The Eye also captures the player’s image and voice, allowing an augmented reality experience.

Sony has released a sports game to showcase its controller. With a leaf straight out of Nintendo’s game development tools, called Sports Champions. If you recall, Nintendo had a similar title with mini sports games for its new line of “Touch” controllers. Before we shout “Copycat” there’s also a sword dueling game for the PlayStation very similar to the game in Wii Sports Resort.  But with a new weapon/game device, a shield! You then get to swing both shield and sword using both hands.

The combination of the PlayStation Eye and Move controller looks fantastic with their Socom 3-D shooter.  With more than 20 games on their way adapted specifically for this new controller, it won’t be long before your asked “do you want to swallow the red pill or the blue pill?”

PlayStation Move Joysticks
PlayStation Move games