Samsung R1 and R0 portable media players launched

Samsung R1 and R0 portable media players launched

Samsung R1 Music Player

If you’re looking for yet another option to take your music with you on the road, Samsung has you covered with two new offerings. The Korean juggernaut has just announced the new Samsung R1 and R0 portable media players.

For the Samsung R1, you get a form factor that is smaller than a credit card to go along with the 2.4-inch TFT LCD touchscreen. The drag and drop feature allows you to shift those files around with a swipe of a finger. In addition to music and video, the R1 also has an FM radio/recorder, voice recorder, and Bluetooth.

The Samsung R0 is similarly compact, featuring a 2.6-inch LCD display (not touch). You get tactile keys, a trio of color options, and up to six hours of battery life for videos (30 hours for audio). If the internal memory isn’t enough, the microSD slot is there for you too.

You can expect the whole shi-bang to hit retailers some time next month. The 8GB and 16GB versions of the Samsung R1 will be listed at $149.99 and $179,99, respectively. For the R0, you can expect to pay $99.99 for the 8GB model and $129.99 for the 16GB variant.