Mobile YouTube now showing banner advertisements

Mobile YouTube now showing banner advertisements

YouTube Mobile with Mazda3 Ad

Oh Google. Why must you own every aspect of my life and then choose to fill it with advertisements and monetization attempts? While I’m not as inclined to watch YouTube videos on my phone, there are many people who do and, well, Google wants its cut. As such, mobile ads will now be showing up on the mobile YouTube site.

The annoucement mentions that the banner ads will be displayed in several areas on, but they’re only targeting the United States and Japan in the short term. The ads will be shown on the home page, search page, and “browse” pages of the mobile site.

Advertisers can purchase space on the mobile YouTube site on a per-day basis, which is the same model that they use for monetizing the desktop YouTube homepage. The push toward ads in the mobile space come hot on the heels that the mobile YouTube site grew 160 percent in 2009, representing “millions” of mobile users streaming “tens of millions” of videos each day.

Interestingly enough YouTube is still bleeding money everywhere. It’s been “in the red” for quite some time, but Google isn’t exactly forthcoming with how much money the site is losing. That is a lot of bandwidth, after all.