Public Mobile launches in May, free LD?

Public Mobile launches in May, free LD?

Public Mobile "Unlimited" bus shelter ad.

The Canadian wireless climate is about to undergo another shakeup. The launch of Wind Mobile opened up the floodgates to some more competition and now another contender is on the way. Public Mobile has already started some guerilla marketing and it seems that it will be launching with free long distance.

If you’ve looked around some towns, you may have seen some ads at bus shelters and other locations that simply say “unlimited.” There is no branding, but we’re led to believe that they’re for Public Mobile. In case you’re not as familiar, Public Mobile is going to be a new wireless carrier in Canada.

So, what does this whole “unlimited” business mean? According to some sources, you will be given free Canadian long distance for life if you keep your account in good standing and you move over to Public Mobile on launch day: May 15th.  However, the Public Mobile website only shows “Unlimited Talk and Text” on their $40 plan, if they do plan to copy other providers and offer free LD would definitely help their launch strategy.

Public Mobile will only be available in Ontario and Quebec at launch, their handset offering will need to go beyond the ZTE C78 they’ve listed on their website if they want to stick around.