Energizer’s Duo USB charger is infected with a trojan virus

Energizer’s Duo USB charger is infected with a trojan virus

Energizer Duo USB Charger

While you should certainly be careful about the kinds of websites you visit and the types of software you download from the Internet, it seemed safe to assume that plugging in a simple battery charger into your USB port would be perfectly safe. Apparently not and Energizer is to blame.

Not only has the Energizer Duo USB charger been less than a monumental success for the battery giant, it turns out that the monitoring software distributed with the portable charger is infected with a Windows trojan. A battery charger that has a virus…

According to Computerworld, the monitoring software contains “rogue code” that “listens for commands on TCP port 7777” and it can “download and execute files, transmit files stolen from the PC, or tweak the Windows registry.”

So, just unplug the thing and call it a day, right? Apparently not. Even if you unplug the Energizer Duo from your computer’s USB port, the trojan continues to do its thing. It executes each time you turn on the PC and remains active until you turn off the PC.

Energizer is aware of the issue and is “currently working with both CERT and U.S. government officials to understand how the code was inserted in the software. Additional technical information can be found at http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/154421. “