MOTOBLUR comes to Telus with Motorola BackFlip

MOTOBLUR comes to Telus with Motorola BackFlip

Motorola Backflip heads to Telus Mobility

The Android evolution continues north of the border. You can already get your hands on such handsets as the HTC Hero, but you will soon have access to the winner of the 2010 CNET Best of Consumer Electronics Show award. The Motorola BackFlip is indeed enroute to Telus Mobility.

This isn’t the first Google Android phone to be sold through Telus, of course, nor is it the first Motorola-sourced Android phone. In addition to the Motorola Milestone, you will be able to flip out with the Motorola BackFlip.

Dubbed the ultimate smartphone, the BackFlip features the same MOTOBLUR user interface that we’ve seen on the Motorola Droid from Verizon. This gives you great access to social networking, personalization, and multitasking.

The unique backward flip design is pretty neat too. There’s a QWERTY keyboard, a large touchscreen, and an innovative touchpad on the back of the touchscreen. And yes, it takes advantage of the Telus 3G+ network, as well as the usual suite of Google Android-fueled goodness.

The press release makes no mention of a launch date or price, so we’ll just have to sit tight for now.